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Dale Earnhardt Jr.'s NASCAR team, Hendrick Motorsports, announced via its website on Thursday evening that the driver will not be participating in the Sprint Cup Series event happening in New Hampshire this Sunday. for "concussion-like symptoms" this week, and determined he wasn't in condition to race. said, "because of my symptoms and my history with concussions, and after my recent wrecks at Michigan and Daytona, I reached out and met with a neurological specialist. If Dale isn't cleared to run by then, Jeff Gordon will take his place at the Brickyard. has a history of concussions, and those recent wrecks didn't really help ease his symptoms.After further evaluation, they felt it was best for me to sit out."It has not yet been determined when Earnhardt Jr. He's even pledged to donate his brain to science for concussion research so we can learn more about how these incidents affect the brain long-term.“It’s a real challenge trying to be in a relationship with someone like me and I’m not real easy to get along with.” — Dale Jr.dominates Michigan, wins first race since 2008 A driver for Hendrick Motorsports and one of NASCAR’s biggest stars, Earnhardt has been dating Amy Reimann for a while.The couple attended the Sprint Cup Awards Banquet in Las Vegas together in December and Reimann often travels to races with him.Earnhardt has always tried to keep his personal life as private as possible and said recently that he doesn’t plan to get married anytime soon.So I just bought her share of the team and reverted the name." Dale Earnhardt Inc.continues to operate in Mooresville, NC, as the parent company of the varied Earnhardt businesses, and Teresa Earnhardt works to continue her late husband's legacy through the work of the Dale Earnhardt Foundation.

She has a degree in commercial art and interior design. They lived on a 300-plus acre farm near Mooresville, North Carolina. (DEI) during four Busch Series championships in 1998, 1999, 20 plus two Craftsman Truck Series championships in 19.

has a girlfriend, but NASCAR’s most popular driver admits that he’s not the easiest guy to have a relationship with.

“I’m not the average male and I don’t live the typical lifestyle of the guy down the street,” Earnhardt told Charlotte’s

But he admits there are two women in his life that he talks to most.

One is his sister, Kelley Earnhardt-Miller, who runs his JR Motorsports team.

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"Her speeds are good," said Earnhardt Jr., noting that he hasn’t had a chance to attend any of his girlfriend’s test runs.

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