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The Chance to meet someone who is beautiful and young, in a relaxed environment is simply not an option back home. Broken hearts, failed marriages and grown-up kids who don’t understand are quite often what these men leave behind.They keep coming back to Thailand and probably always will.Stemming from that, Thai women are very comfortable with serving their boyfriends or husbands and allowing them a certain amount of freedom.Some might think this old fashioned, and anti-feminist, but the truth remains.Here in Thailand, with it’s bizarre mix of strange and familiar, such things seem common-place, … Many men simply come to Thailand to have fun in the bars.They can be fawned over by beautiful women, who for the most part, are friendly, polite and graceful.This makes it easy for men to feel like they are strong and chivalrous. In short Thai women make their men feel like men and that’s why men like to date them.If you have any questions about dating a Thai women, or obtaining a visa for her to visit you in Australia, contact us using the form below.

For other men, life in Thailand does not revolve around the bars.But the fact remains, western ladies seem far more determined to get a career and get ahead these days, than they do to take care of their men.By contrast, the extremely gentle and obedient Thai girlfriend seems like everything a Western man has ever wanted but never before knew existed.For many it’s a great place to retire to, offering an affordable level of living, and a large degree of relaxation and fun – especially when compared with the rat-rate and exorbitant cost of living back at home. I mean, could you ever image Pattaya Walking Street in the middle of Sydney?Or Qantas employing a cabin crew made up entirely of cross-dressing drag queens?

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