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The funny thing is, the attributes of Ok Cupid and its app peers actually map back to the overall Millennial state of mind. According to research we conducted at Siegel Gale, Millennials (those born between 19) define simple as seamless, smart and intuitive.What’s nice about my love life is that I don’t have to drastically adjust my habits to incorporate Ok Cupid.While not a dating app (per-se), they were able to immediately reach their target audience in a fun and creative way.Brands that go above and beyond to speak our language and meet us where/how we are will have tremendous opportunities with Millennials.Why have a conversation to define the relationship when our social media practices can do it for us?For Millennials, the intuitive, casual kind of “simple” sticks.

HBO’s Girls recently used Snapchat to promote the next season’s premiere.Suddenly with a few clicks or swipes, I could meet guys and schedule dates neatly into my open time slots.Despite the stigma that some may pin to dating sites or apps like Ok Cupid, it fits nicely into my life.A reason to stick around Brands can learn a few lessons in Millennial branding and marketing from these popular apps.As a Millennial, this is selfish really, but it might just be mutually beneficial.

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These were overly sweet, maybe because my chopped dates had sugar on them.

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