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I also love protein [email protected] Only Chrissy‬: You're cooking me a romantic dinner what would you make? But also more time at home in ‪#Vegas‬ would be awesome‪@myradiva‬: What is your favorite karaoke song or songs? I sing ‪@olivianj‬ & Jonathan does ‪#John Travolta‬‪@Cheryl LMoody‬: I'm sure fans send you lots of gifts. @Mr Drew Scott‬: We appreciate fans giving us gifts but.ask instead of giving us something, give to a charity.‪@Moonbeam CB‬: what's the best love advice you could give??

@Mr Drew Scott‬: I would love to spend more time in ‪#LA‬.

"In high school, I excelled at problem-solving and calculating so much that I actually completed the various grades of math in just two weeks each," Drew said in 2017.

In addition to being the "smart guys," they're both no longer single either.

lol @Darlene_FBI77‬: Would you guys ever consider doing a animated movie, if giving the opportunity? I worked on some projects prior to ‪@Property Brother‬ . Sleepwalk is one of the most beautiful songs out there.? I may have read a few chapters;)‪@Elizabeth1263‬: When are you and your girlfriend getting married? But when you are with a woman as amazing as her..don't wait too long;)@Cheryl LMoody‬: What's one of your bad habits you would like to break? I love working but realize I CAN take some time for other [email protected]‬: What is your biggest turn on? So tell me a joke:)@Vavyan Larkin‬: Which romantic character you would like to play in a movie? ‪@kris7ds‬: now that we've seen you use tools on bvb will we now see you stop using excuses and help on property brothers? I keep busy on the home searching side of things..‪@mrsilverscott can handle the reno's‬@_Helen_K‬: Wedding suit or wedding kilt?

But despite their hypervisibility, they're both strangely mysterious. MUST SEE: 'Property Brothers' Moments You Probably Didn't Know Are Staged Probably the most surprising thing about the twins is their intellect.

After the family makes a final decision, Drew leads them through the process of bidding on and purchasing a home.

The fifth season attracted more than 10 million US viewers on HGTV in the 25–54 age demographic, and the series consistently ranked as a top five cable program among upscale women in the 25–54 age group.

Drew proposed to his girlfriend, Linda Phan, in December 2016. "The hardest thing was to try and keep [her] from knowing that it was coming," he said in March 2017. When you find a girl like that, you want to keep her." As for Jonathan, he's been married before, but he got a divorce.

I had to use an old email that I haven't used in years. "We were young, and there was a rush going into it," Jonathan said earlier this year as his reasoning for why the marriage didn't work out. : Is There a 'Property Brothers' and 'Fixer Upper' Feud Happening Behind the Scenes at HGTV?

How long have they been in the renovation business? Not only is Jonathan a member of Mensa, Drew is also super smart.

Fortunately, the video below gives you a quick rundown of everything you wanted to know about the Scott brothers, including nerdy facts you probably never knew.

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