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This ruling eventually led to development of the Navajo Dam project, which was first outlined in a 1955 Bureau of Indian Affairs report that proposed a "distribution system for irrigation of 137,250 acres (55,540 ha) of new land within and adjacent to the Navajo Indian Reservation, all in New Mexico." The high dam proposed for the San Juan River ultimately became part of the Bureau of Reclamation's Colorado River Storage Project.Navajo Dam was authorized by Congress in the Colorado River Storage Project Act of April 11, 1956, which also authorized Glen Canyon Dam and numerous irrigation and power projects along the Green River, Gunnison River and other tributaries.

Also in 1973, the Bureau of Reclamation also began planning for a hydroelectric power plant at Navajo, which had not been included in the original design of the dam.As the dam continued to rise, clearing operations in the reservoir basin began on June 30, 1961 and took about a year to complete.The concrete spillway, located to the west of the dam, was finished on September 15, 1961.The dam is a major feature of the Colorado River Storage Project, which is designed to regulate water resources across the entire Upper Colorado River Basin.The reservoir, Navajo Lake, is a popular recreation area and one of the largest bodies of water in New Mexico, with its upper portion extending into Colorado.

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