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Hussein Iddrisu* has been burning and butchering bushmeat for a decade, after learning the trade from his father. If you’re not careful, you’ll get burned or slashed. A few years ago he wouldn’t have had the time to stop and chat.He processes between 30 and 70 carcasses a day for the market women, who pay a fee for each batch. Now the hunters just aren’t sending as much meat from the bush.At the slaughter slab, the carcasses are scrubbed of singed fur and soot. The abattoir sits by a road so choked with traffic that, for hours, nothing appears to move.Then, what happens next depends on the market woman who owns the meat. Some prefer to keep the carcasses whole, toss them in an industrial freezer and butcher them just before they’re sold. That morning the meat market was a hive of activity.

Another butcher takes over, rotating the carcass by its remaining leg with one bare hand, and scraping the charred fur off with the machete he holds in the other, sending a shower of scorched fur in every direction.

Inside, there was a low charcoal fire smouldering between two engine blocks. This, the butcher said, was for someone who was planning on taking the meat back home to Europe.

Any wild animal from the countryside – the bush – that has been killed for food is bushmeat. It remains unclear how the meat from the antelope delivered to Atwemonom is different from the wild venison being sold for extortionate prices in Knightsbridge in London.

it seems this days whatever we can do Ghana can do arguably better but thats open to discussion......anyways just enjoy the show..........

rainest hope you dnt mean it does not happen in Ghana.

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