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The Jewish faith restricts wearing of mixture of linen and wool. The longest possible fibers are got when the flax is either hand-harvested by pulling up the entire plant or when stalks are cut very close to the root.

Linen is also mentioned in the Bible in Proverbs 31. Seeds are then removed from the plant and fibers are loosened from the stalk.

With the resulting system of wear comfort we provide you with unique functionality and wear-comfort properties for your mountain adventures.

Merino wool offers particular advantages due to its very fine fiber diameter and excellent durability.

Linen is a type textile made from the fibers of the flax plant.

Linen textiles are one of the oldest textiles in the world.

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The majority of the world's linen was produced there during the Victorian era.

Some religions even made rules that involved linen or they just mention them in religious concept.

More Info When talking about the wool's origin, we're really talking about the sheep themselves: In Tasmania, they have a unique habitat to call home.

Merinos have the best air here, the freshest grass and the greatest imaginable area to roam.

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