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“I find the matter tends to become more acute with the arrival of children.” Riley noted her research showed less than half of interfaith couples discussed—prior to the wedding—the faith in which they wanted to raise their children.

Issues surrounding the religious instruction parents offer in an interfaith household can cause marital stress, said Randall Maurer, professor of psychology and family ministry at Hardin-Simmons University’s Logsdon School of Theology.

“I sometimes deal with couples who treat the differences as ‘no big thing.’ Later, as they deal with parents and grandparents, clergy or other religious leaders, the arrival of children and the questions their children ask, the differences often become a big deal,” Smith said.

editor who commissioned a polling firm to survey 2,450 Americans, adjusted to produce an oversampling of interfaith couples.They also tend to diminish the strength of religious communities, as the devout are pulled away from bonds of tradition and orthodoxy by their nonmember spouse,” she said.Evangelical Christians who marry outside their faith particularly face challenges, Riley noted.Though it is difficult to draw clear conclusions, it appears that children equally exposed to multiple religious perspectives without becoming at home in one tradition very often choose to not consistently practice any faith later in life.” Hendricks Avenue Baptist Church seeks to make children from interfaith families—and their parents—feel “at home,” Reese noted.Interfaith couples who attend his church want their children to receive real religious instruction, not a watered-down version of Christianity, but they also want the faith tradition of the non-Christian parent to be treated respectfully, he observed.

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