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However, even when the technology becomes readily available like on desktops, it probably wouldn’t be sufficient.

When we record the screen of someone’s computer we can see the mouse movements and keystrokes so a simple output of the monitor captures almost all the relevant interactions.

We often have clients viewing remotely already, so using Go To meeting’s built-in recording works fine.

Go To Meeting can save the audio and video of the sessions as a compressed and sharable .

The camera on the MOD 1000 plugs right into the facilitator’s computer, so the facilitator can see exactly what the user is doing in high resolution.

We use MUIQ to display task-scenarios in randomized order and collect post-task/post-test questions along with task-times.

We record our sessions and often have clients viewing remotely or from the observation room so having good sound is important.

We like having control over the user’s computer as we find many users forget to start the tasks as they are usually focused on using their mobile phone.The MOD 1000 (evice) is our lightweight rig for recording mobile screens and interactions.The macro focused camera is mounted on a lightweight aluminum plate with a grip-tight surface.offers a new mobile testing service which recruits users and records their mobile devices while they interact with your app or website.Tools like MUIQ and Loop We have our usability lab positioned with the facilitator and user facing each other in a perpendicular arrangement (see the diagram below).

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