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In fact, masturbation is widely considered to be a sin - and something to be avoided at all costs.On most radio stations in Ghana, discussions on masturbation end with the host advising people to avoid it.They said it is completely normal and a person should not feel bad or embarrassed about it.For the guys, when they get an erection, they use their hand and stoke their enlarged and hardened penis until they climax, or ejaculate.Masturbation is also seen by most people as the safest form of sex there is, and very much safer - and often more satisfying - than one-night stands.

Thus, masturbation is not equivalent to the sin of adultery, even though it may involve sexual fantasies.

It used to be thought that boys masturbate more often than girls, presumably because they discover their penis at a relatively early age since they urinate with it. According to some young people I spoke to, they masturbate to release sexual tension.

They also said instead of risking pregnancy, HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted infections, they masturbate.

Others may have fantasies that are less realistic and even downright shocking to themselves when later they think back on them.

Most people have used pornography from magazines or the internet to stimulate their fantasies at one time or another.

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